GSEG is an aggressively tempered business entity with expertise in entertainment, sports, digital operations & business consulting.
GSEGs customers
GSEGs customers will benefit from the advice and insight into entertainment, its professional sports network, its digital business value insight and the ability to formulate – and operationally execute upon – a digital strategy.
GSEGs acquisition
GSEGs acquisitions will see new growth by adding new sources of revenue, revenue channels, economies of scale, turn-around consulting, access to shared services within marketing, software development, corporate finance and professional networking.


Key to GSEGs success is expanding upon its operational excellence and its expertise with an affluent consumer segment willing to spend time, money and engagement with the types of sports, games, media and entertainment businesses core to GSEGs focus.
Strategic fit
for further reach

GSEG is committed to expanding the reach of its GFS business by partnering, or acquiring any businesses in new markets or with complementary products that’ll support such endeavors. This will require that any acquisition target has an existing customer base that caters to the same audience, or allows GFS to enter into a strategic fit for further reach.


All acquisitions will share a common theme of synergising well with the How Far operations center.

How Far adds value to any operations by either launching new businesses into new marketplaces/ channels, adding proprietary software development, economies of scale, marketing, or leveraging content creation through the shared services infrastructure.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality markets

GSEG is also eyeing an entry into both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality markets. Both are disruptive technologies and will replace smartphones and televisions in the next 3-5 and 10 years time.


A hand-picked team of industry peers, all with world class track records in their respective fields.
SIMON Barnett Fletcher
Barnett Fletcher
Board member

Barnett is an entrepreneurial marketing and sponsorship specialist with a long and successful career in building and selling marketing services agencies. He has been responsible for brokering and activating high profile, global brand sponsorships in sports and entertainment, specifically in F1 and golf working with brands including Vodafone, Intel and Santander. Barnett is also an accomplished sports car and motorcycle racer.

Ian Rosenblatt
Ian Rosenblatt
CEO & Chairman of the board

Ian Rosenblatt is an entrepreneurial executive with over forty years’ experience in business development ventures, cross border M&A, and international partnerships. His professional qualifications include business analysis, structuring advice, financial consultancy, and private placing fund raising services provided to a number of international high net worth private clients. He qualified as an insolvency practitioner and spent his formative years working on company turnarounds throughout the UK and USA following which he was recruited to head up the property arm for a Family Trust based in Southern Ireland. During this period, he was instrumental in negotiating deals with major property landlords acquiring significant freehold assets on behalf of the Family Trust in the UK and Europe. In addition, between 1994 and 1998 he acquired on behalf of clients none-core retail chains from major conglomerates such as Sears, Ratners, etc. which generated combined revenues in excess of £300m. In 2004, Ian was appointed as the CEO of a Public Company quoted on the Brussels and Luxembourg stock exchanges which had operations in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and USA. In 2009 the company was taken back into private hands. Ian retired from the business to focus on providing consultancy advice to enterprising start-up ventures, and helping them navigate the early transitions of raising capital, structuring management and, in due course, reviewing IPO and exit strategies. SEG has been building its presence in the sport games industry for 4+ years via its acquisition of GFS – Global Fantasy Sports, a leading fantasy sports provider.


Global Sports Entertainment has a simple corporate citizenship mission; We will deliver on our responsibilities of growth and value to our shareholders, customers and employees. Through innovative product design, compliant delivery and a commitment to the creation of strong strategic partnerships we will develop a framework that underpins our core values and principles as an outstanding corporate citizen.
Games should be challenging as well as fun, they should engage with the player’s expectations and creatively challenge winning strategies. By attention to detail, collaborative design and a true alignment to the sport, GSE aims to create a platform that delivers at all levels of fan engagement. By offering a wider user experience and lower barriers to entry our strategy is simple; to create fun, engaging sports games that offer a wider user experience than the traditional platform available today.
Sales & Marketing
We have a strong focus on exploiting the power of social media, digital content-driven approaches, engagement and retention. We embrace an omni-channel strategy to engage and extend player lifetime value, handle player support and deliver iterative product development.
GSE will enter the Daily Fantasy Sports market in a bid to create DFS Version 2.0, a product that caters for a wider audience, offers greater transparency and fairness but above all, delivers true fan engagement through tradition, history and the identity of the sport.


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